"Earth Hour"

JAKARTA, - The campaign put out the lights and electronic equipment that is not used, "Earth Hour", in Jakarta, Saturday (28 / 3), though very meaningful one, since that is at 20.30-21.30. Rough calculation of WWF-Indonesia, an hour that means saving about 300 megawatt, the capacity that can illuminate hundreds of villages.

Until yesterday, 17,585 people expressed support through social networking site Facebook. Based on international data, in 2848 the city will be 84 countries that joined the campaign first began in Sydney, Australia, in 2007.

In Indonesia, the Jakarta city that merged with a number of light off the lighting in the Monas, Balaikota, and a number of large sculptures.

"Five tens of buildings owned by the private sector will support it," said Director of Climate and Energy Program WWF-Indonesia Fitrian Ardiansyah in Jakarta yesterday.


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