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Maybe this time the Danish government wanted to "show off". How the development process with the reduction of carbon emissions is not the economic means. Evidence, to export clean technologies would continue to rise in 2007 and reach about 65 billion Danish Krone, or around Rp 910 trillion, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the export value of other sectors which total approximately 558.1 billion Danish Krone (about Rp 7,812 trillion ).

The stage was Ke-15 (COP-15) is an upcoming event to show the right to more than 190 countries in the world, both rich and poor, what is the idea of development based on clean technology.

Denmark in the 1970s was in the shipping industry and heavy industry slowly but surely began to leave it all. Effort not to rely on fossil fuels has brought Denmark to change policy drastically.

Daily Politiken journalist, Flemming Ytzen, in conference with the Compass, the beginning of June in Copenhagen, Denmark, said, "The COP-15 is a means for Denmark. For, while Denmark is nearly drowned in shadow because the German and Swiss Danish position in the remote north, "he said.

When viewed more closely, what the Danish can make us dumbfounded because the Danish government on the 1970's can be like a "revolutionary development" or "energy revolution". This is indeed very different from Indonesia despite the threats of disaster and there due to damage to the environment is very severe, it is all still in progress "business as usual". Changes like a specter.

Slowly, most of the factory began to move overseas in order to reduce air pollution. "Many factories, such as textile mills and shoe factories, began to move overseas, such as to China and other Asian countries," said the old Ytzen living in some Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia.

The original work as factory laborers to move to the renewable energy industry. When the issue of climate change become a major world issue, Denmark does not have trouble because it has been in the correct paths. However, to confirm its position, the government invites the community to jointly face the challenges of climate change.

Danish citizens would not be subject to the new policy. "Initially, when the need to make pengetatan energy consumption in the 1970s that, many people protested. That lasted about one or two years, "said Claus Hermansen's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, he added, when some time and then people start to feel the benefits, the wave of protest was calm.

Realize the dream become a green country, the Danish tax that can reach 70 percent of individual income that starts with the invested funds to build the development of power with a combination of energy, forcing the government to establish a local waste processing company, among others Vestforbr? Nding that process waste and results from processing waste supply heating for housing.

According to Soren Skov, public relations officer Vestforbr? Nding, the company has now become a public company. Waste overcame problems, while profit was obtained . While the process of waste incinerators has zero emission, no emission.

Various efforts to mitigate

At least, Denmark can be an example to do some mitigation and adaptation programs in the challenge of climate change. Almost all the technology and run the system to reduce the Danish emissions karbonnya.

Problem of making technology beremisi low, some of the examples already cited, among other insulation system, the system combination of power and heating, and wind energy.

To reduce the carbon emissions that have been released, also at the Danish vanguard technology for carbon capture and storage (CCS) that is essentially capture carbon emissions and store them under the surface.

Denmark in the Danish Climate Solutions Vattenfall said that the company will make the approach for the development of CCS in Northern Jutland, north of Copenhagen. According to some geological experts, Jutland region is an ideal place for the development of CCS. About CCS, many parties do not agree because it is feared will lead to the leakage katastropi.

In addition to CCS, wind energy in Denmark has reached very advanced stages. Currently, wind energy has been successful in a few hours a year is able to generate electricity. Samsoe island, about four hours of cross Copenhagen, has become the only island in the world that is no longer using fossil fuels. They build the wind turbine industry, at least one wind turbine energy workers need about 13 people.

Denmark also the home of enzyme factory in the world, Novozymes, which produces the enzyme, if used, may be saving water. Novozymes has been reaching more than 130 countries and more than 50 percent of the market in the world.

All steps to confront the threat of climate change has been executed Denmark. And, now Denmark has manisnya savor the fruit of "revolutionary development." However, there is a voice that still sounds discordant from the non-government organizations. Figure Greenpeace Denmark, Tarjei Haaland, in a Monday Morning, have cited that Connie Hedegaard, Minister for Environment and Energy Danish, this time is "shoot" a matter of reducing carbon emissions Denmark.

Haaland demand transportation company that ships emisinya also calculated so that all visible more clearly and correctly. Currently, emissions from marine transportation services Maersk globally with nearly the same amount of carbon emissions throughout the country Denmark. There is not one country in the world that has a fleet of marine transportation services with the Danish Maersk it. That should now be working house-Connie known very critical of a fellow EU country.


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