Plants that eat rats

Plants that prey on mice lethal discovered by British scientists. Plants of this giant predator is believed to be carnivorous plants, shrubs largest discharge of acid, like the enzyme from the mouth of the leaf. Animals that slipped into the mouth hole was going to die because of this fluid.

The scientists who dikelapai botanist named Stewart McPherson and Alastair Robinson browse Mount Victoria in the Philippines after hearing from the missionaries in that place that there was a mouse being devoured plants.

McPherson says, "This plant is producing a spectacular trap that not only insects that can be caught but also rodents.'s Amazing because this was never discovered until the 21st century."

Amazing and rare species has been named once famous broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. McPherson confessed "Tim and I have named this plant as well as to honor Sir David who has worked and inspiring beauty and biodiversity of the world."

Plants that invested Latin name Nepenthes attenboroughii red, green and can grow in warm climates. But can only be found in the mountains such as Mount Victoria.

McPherson and botanist from the University of Cambridge Robinson found this plant during the expedition which they did in the year 2007. However, they can only describe this predator bush dalams ebuah journal after three years of study of about 120 existing species of predator.

Meanwhile, Sir David (83) express gratitude and honored for providing the name. "I have been contacted by a team of scientists after they discovered the plant and asked that my name could be used to name this plant. Thank you for all that. I'm flattered by it." said David.


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