The intensity of the rainy season has shifted from the cycle 20 years, so has the activity of the farmers, fishermen, community groups and other businesses that depend on the weather conditions.

Shift occurred since 2005 and shifting furthest progress in the year ago in 2008. peak rainfall in the area for 20 years before 2005, always occurs between the months March to May.

However, after that, only the peak rainfall occurs in May for 24 days with the intensity curahnya reaching 188 millimeter.

Even extreme shift occurred in the year 2008, in which peak rainfall occurs in July for 27 days with a rainfall amount of 466 millimeter, so that was great cause flooding everywhere.

Shifting the peak of rainfall is due to the influence of global warming is encouraging the change of climate and weather that is not stabilized.

"Shift cycle that we have rain predicted earlier, following a high level of rainfall during the last four years and is a recent phenomenon,"

The emergence of local rainfall with high intensity is also much influenced by the destruction of forest area and green areas in urban areas in large numbers, factors other than high air pollution.

"The problems that then cause the power to support the environment becomes low, so that vulnerable bring floods, landslides, to a gale,"

That, due to the impact of global warming has been on the schedule of farmers planting, fishing activity, motor-boat cruises, flights and activities, and so forth.

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