New Delhi - Bill Gates likely have enough time to spend simply facebook after Microsoft no longer control. However, the conglomerates that have been surrendered to the Facebook.

Some time past, that there is news that Bill Gates has been reluctant to deal with flooding because Facebook fans. However this time, Gates own comments directly on the site are the property of Mark Zuckerberg.
"10,000 people want to be friends," Gates tukas so according to him, take Facebook with the same hard work.
In addition he is also not comfortable with the many friend requests that flow in its accounts. The hold he kepikiran know whether he was with those people or not.
"It's (Facebook) just bring a lot of problems so that I surrender (mengurusinya)," Gates tukas who are in India, such as AFP and dilansir cited, Sunday (26/7/2009).
Microsoft founder will be in India in order to receive the award 'Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development'. The award is given by the government on the India Gates.


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