global events: the sun eclipse

Was Indian citizen was wait-Total eclipse Sun

The total solar eclipse in this century old in the schedule will be visible in the west coast of India, this morning. American Board of outer space (NASA) has pictures and graphs that show its eclipse visible until later afternoon.
Although many researchers around the world witnessed the eclipse hope the only contemporary life, yet millions of people of India because of fears celestial events always happen the disaster, as we quoted from google news, Wednesday (22/7/2009).
For most people of all caste in India, Astrology is not a part of the integral in their lives. Couples should consult with experts Astrology to determine their wedding day. One of the seer in India even told pregnant women not to open the window and remain in the house.
Today, Hindu temple is closed, and will not be reopened until after the sun eclipse. Instead, Planetarium and observatory will be opened a full day.


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    nice informative posts, I had been waiting for the solar eclipse a once in a lifetime phenomenon.

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