An Open Source community site dihinggapi by Nazi element of the picture. Named as the perpetrators themselves, and the Nazi General as freedom of expression.
Incidence of this - if you want to say the incident - occurred at the site This site is a place to share the view that desktop and then applied to the Open Source operating systems such as Linux.
Nazi general is one of the user's site. it sends a Gnome Desktop Manager (GDM) Theme with the title 'Nazi'.
If seen, it shows the shipment desktop wallpaper image with Adolf Hitler in a Nazi event. Nazi flag, complete with its logo Swastika, also decorate the display is visible.
Gnome user reaction to the various .after is quite visible on the comments feature, not likely to post 'the general'. However, 'the general' stall with Nazi Theme said that his post was a form of 'freedom of expression'.
One user said that the arguments used that does not match the Open Source community. "Because the goal of free software is usually humanitarian, this is somewhat less precise: it is difficult to accept its contradictions, because of national-socialism is a philosophy of reason to use the freedom of expression to say 'freedom of expression,go to the hell'," a user with Achteutis name.
But on the other hand, a particular user did not want to respond with the Nazi Theme too seriously. "At least this is not more and more naked pictures of women with the logo placed on it. Indeed, you may not agree with this theme, but you also have the option not to view it," said a user named Terminhell.
Use of the logo in the Nazi rise to many controversies. In fact, in certain countries, the use of Nazi logo is prohibited.

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  1. Mr said...
    I somehow dug up this blog entry with my username from I am Terminhell from that site. And yes i still hold true that users may not agree with the message of other user's imagery or content (unless its actually system damaging). They are by no means obligated to condone it or even view it. Net neutrality is what gives us at least some way to share ideas no matter how taboo. If people can express themselves in a virtual world...better there than in the real.

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