Washington - United States (U.S.) and China often involved enmity around economic issues. However, the two big countries that are now reaching agreement to establish economic cooperation a more harmonious.
U.S.-China cooperation and agreed a pledge to each other in order to switch the economy to encourage the recovery after the global economic crisis and achieve sustainable economic growth.
At the end of the conversation economy and the U.S.-China strategy that lasted for 2 days, the two agreed to improve economic and financial cooperation and take steps to deal individo imbalance between the two.
"It is important that we achieve on the day this is agreed on the framework for reform and public policy - both for the U.S. and China --- in order to help establish the basis for the recovery of the global economy more sustainable, more balanced," said Minister of Finance USA, Timothy Geithner as quoted from the AFP, Wednesday (29/7/2009).
U.S. agree to raise deposit interest rates for customers, which of late has been increased to the level of the average consumer to compensate for the effort in the midst of recession as one of the recovery strategy. Geithner said, saving money has become a common trend in the U.S..
The statement was at once warned the U.S. to strengthen China before, that the communist country is that they no longer hang on to U.S. consumers prefer products imported to China to encourage economy.
Meanwhile, China is committed to encouraging consumers berlanja more economy to move from dependence on exports to support growth.
Deputy Prime Minister of China, Wang Qishan, said the two countries agreed to establish cooperation to build a strong financial system.
"To stimulate economic growth is still a top priority," specifically.
U.S. and China mutually hostile previous akan various economic problems. Often criticize U.S. policies concerning China's currency that are flexible so that it does not affect U.S. exports. Protectionist issues also often a problem that the problems the two countries.
In fact China is now listed as one of the most important countries from the U.S.. China foreign exchange reserves that China has now become the largest holder of U.S. government debt.

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    Yupz... China now is important country, has good position in economic global setting. Do u have article about Cuba? hope u post about how Cuba solve economic crisis. Good post...

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