Eva Mendes Back To Hot pose

London- last month, Eva Mendes topless pose with the men's hands cover the chest appear. Pose that for Calvin Klein jeans ad is the latest. Pose now that Eva was not quite hot again outstanding.
This pose is the latest ad for Calvin Klein lingerie output. Still in black and white, Eva put on a plain black bra section.
We quote from The Sun, Wednesday (22/7/2009), Eva put on a black lace panty sexy bra for his pair. Stocking of black life that it connect with the panty will give the impression that the wild. Moreover, when combined with high black heels nan section.
In that pose, Eva-off while standing waist. Pose to its order with the hot hair look wet his untidy. This is the umpteenth time Eva posing 'hot' for Calvin Klein. Even years ago, Calvin Klein ad starring in a bloody latin women that had the stop because they are too sexy.


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