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green tachnology
Environmental technology or green technology has started in the year 2008. Computer devices that have a lot of support green technology. Global warming is the reason for the occurrence of green technology, developed countries, has created technology that does not damage the natural energy in the process of creating, by utilizing different types of natural resource that never runs out. Green technology requires that each technology / devices are new technology with a more human, it can be recycled, are not toxic, it can save more power, then it is now more diverse campaign in a green technology.

Green technology in the IT world is also called the Green Computing, IT people as so many things that need to be a matter for the green computing, as this concern with the electronic equipment in the computer device and other devices, this problem comes as computer users in the world This increase is very rapid, the resulting waste may be dangerous or can not be recycled, and the more primary, more sophisticated level of computing would be straight with the proportionate use of electricity.

Server server heavyweight, multi-core technology, the motherboard capasitor, and other computer devices created with high technology that is capable of processing billions process in a matter of nano seconds, of course, will spend a source of energy that is big enough.

He was born so that some of the technology is expected to reduce the use of energy resources such as this with a few important things to apply in each element are:


Some governments in developed countries have been supporting green computing, and they suggest using the industry standards and regulations to support their technology Green Computing.

Energy Star Logo

Energy Star program (which you usually see on the monitor-monitor CRT) has been in publication since oktober2006 with efforts to improve energy efficiency and use of radiation on the PC CRT monitor products. the next European Union also makes standardization (RoHS), which is a continuation of the reduction of Hazardous Substances can be found on our product design product from the mouse and laser mouse especially its faming dvd-room and the other, and they also make Standards (WEEE) or waste electrical and electronic equipment is to maintain and consolidate all electronic devices made of heavy metal and a flammable material such as Polybrominated biphenylin the components on the PCB found is not allowed anymore since 1 July 2006.

Programming Algorithm

Programming algorithm is also one of discussion about green computing, why? shorten the mean shorten programming algorithm processor to use its resources, so that the processor will cut the complete instructions, this will automatically cause the energy used the less.


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    Great post.. :) Let us save our planet. :)

    Nino Natividad
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    nice blog... very informative and useful...
    RennyBA said...
    I'm working at The Norwegian Computer Society and we have strong focus on Green IT with conferences and seminar. The interest are increasing.
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    Thanks for posting on my blog. I enjoyed your article on the economic crisis.

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