Jakarta - Prime Minister (PM) Italy, Silvio Berlucsoni the affair affected the case. Allegations that the owner of AC Milan is fond of women play the more sound recordings after the alleged improper vote Berlusconi now spread via the internet.

Quoted from detikINET Telegraph, Tuesday (21/7/2009), a news site in Italy claimed that the recording recorded secretly by a call girl. Girl named Patrizia D'Addario said the two spent the night with Berlusconi.
The girl is one of dozens of women who previously were invited in a Halloween party. Berlusconi itself disprove that he is cool with the girls hapy it.
However, recording the La Repubblica published the media may make the public increasingly doubts the honesty PM. The recording was broadcast how Berlusconi unleash death suit, for example, in the girls with a 'sweet'.
"I will briefly bath .. Will you be waiting in bed is great if you already finished?" Therefore one of the recordings that sounded like a voice trying to persuade Patrizia Berlusconi.
Berlusconi spokesman own rate was recorded as an effort to dampen the media to take back a case that did not have


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