Recycling technology

A total of 250 scholars from 14 countries attended the First International Conference on Muslims of Action for Climate Change in the City of Bogor, Friday (9/4/2010) until Saturday (10/4/2010).

They strengthen the roots of Islamic theological concerns about the environment. Mahmoud Akef, the founder of Earth Mate Dialogue Center, which is based in London, England, say, environmental issues much discussed in the Qur'an. Likewise, in everyday life of the Prophet Muhammad, he has a lot to talk about the need to protect our environment.

He cited the actions of the scholars 600 years ago in Solaimania Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. At that time, the principle of recycling was already known. They, who then use lighting of the oil / wax, so it does not capture the black smoke pollute the air. "Soot collected recycled into the ink," he said.

Emil Salim, a member of the Advisory Council President, after he became one of the speakers at the conference, talked about the causes of the decline of Islamic civilization.

"This issue (the decline of Islamic civilization) many theory. One result of the books written by Muslim scholars were burned when Istanbul raided (Mongols) in the 7th century. After the books out, the more developed Islamic jurisprudence issues, tend to emphasize teaching what is prohibited. For example, Muslims should not kill, should not be this, should not it, "he said.

According to him, it continues today, including in Indonesia. For example in addressing the problem of pornography. "The use of words or the negative tone of the ban was likely to limit thoughts. Therefore, the Qur'an should not only read but also studied and understood," he said.

According to him, the doctrine of prayer should be facing Qibla birth of astronomy. As a matter of doctrine that God created man from a lump of blood gave birth to medical science.

Regarding climate change, former Environment Minister pointed to the era of President Suharto that the problem is the result of an error of economic development policy. In economic development, preserving the environment is not included in the cost of production. "Consequently, there is the necessity of environmental impact analysis and processing of waste is not done well, even ignored because it considered only the production cost burden," he said.


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