Ferrari hybrid car launch

Geneva: Ferrari's new bombshell in the exhibition of vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show this year, with Ferrari launched the 599 Hybrid. In the website of The Telegraph recently, Ferrari 599 experimental hybrid vehicles appear as in the Geneva auto show which is currently dominated by electricity-fueled vehicles and environmentally friendly.

Shown in green "Kermit" Ferrari 599 hybrids become one of the star exhibit. This is a sign that the car maker deluxe super-fast and began to consider the environmental impact. According to Fabrizio Favaretto engineers, the latest Ferrari called HY-KERS still perform exclusively with only two seats and using the technology of Formula One Ferrari. Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that connects to the braking system of a lithium-ion battery into energy.

Fabrizio claim Electrical energy is stored and converted into a powerful energy around 650 volts, so it can provide additional power 100 horsepower. Energy is used to complement the additional power V12 engine speed and capacity of six liters of gasoline and also to run the AC and power steering pump. In addition, with these technologies, Fereri able to increase the fuel consumption of 15.8 miles per gallon and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide up 415 g / km.

But unfortunately this new hybrid Ferrari prices much more expensive because the price prices 207.075 or approximately USD 3.1 billion. But Ferrari promised the next five years will be far more affordable price with a lighter weight.


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