2013 Solar Storms Not End World

Some researchers predict the peak of the world's space solar storms will occur in mid 2013. Indications are based on current solar activity is increasing. This form of solar activity magnetic field, sunspots, flare, burst mass corona, solar wind and energetic particles.

"In 2012 until 2015 sunspots is estimated to reach that point very much and it will trigger a lot of explosions," said Dra Clara Yono Yatini, MSc, Head of Field Magnet Applications Geomagnet and Space National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), on the sidelines of the socialization 2012-2015 space weather phenomena in Denpasar, Bali.

However, he says, people do not need to worry because the storm the sun will not destroy the world civilization. "The impact of solar storms may damage your system just technology alone," exclaimed Clara Yono.

Technology systems that are affected, for example, damage satellites, so disturb the communication network. Another effect of these solar storms can also disrupt the earth's magnetic field. As the solar storm in 1989 when the Canadian attack, clearly Clara, a blackout due to a transformer fire in the central power grid due to a very large flow in the subsurface. These solar storms can be anticipated in order not to cause damage, such as lethal as satellite networks and electricity networks in the event of a storm the sun.

"People should not be affected by the 2012 film because it was a fake science," Yono Clara messages. Lapan is now intensively to disseminate space weather phenomena over 2012-2015 to the community to straighten crooked stories that are not clearly related doomsday basically.

End of year 2012 issues as portrayed in the film in 2012 was during this hold is associated with a number of the natural phenomenon that will occur on earth, including this solar storm.

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