Green Car Show in New York

New York: leading car manufacturers around the world are competing eco-friendly mini car show with the latest model in Car Exhibition in New York, United States, Wednesday (31 / 3). General Motors (GM) launched a thrifty gasoline-powered car, the Chevrolet Cruze Eco.

"The new model has a level of fuel efficiency with the same type of hybrid," said GM spokesman.

Different situation occurs in the Toyota. In the midst of declining sales due to a massive withdrawal of the car, Toyota introduced a small two-door sports car for the younger generation and an ultra-mini cars with less than three meters long. The plan, cars will be sold in the United States early next year.

Ford Motor Manufacturers also do not want to miss the launch control system in rechargeable battery for electric vehicles. The system automatically recharges the battery at night when utility rates lower. Lingkangan friendly car was developed with Microsoft.

GM, Nissan, and other Chinese carmakers, plans to launch electric cars in the U.S. market. With competition so antarprodusen energy efficient cars that are expected to heat up.


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    Hybrid cars may be partly fossil fueled and partly electric or hydrogen-powered. They are more expensive to purchase but cost redemption is achieved in a period of about 5 years due to better fuel economy.

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