Alga (algae), red or red algae is considered the most powerful counteracting free radicals. So says the Head of Indonesian Traditional Medicines Poly Dr dr Soetomo Arijanto Jonosewojo, SpPD, at Surabaya on Friday (11/12/2009).

He said, multivitamin supplements and chemicals that are consumed over long periods prooksidan feared causing congestion or free radicals that can trigger cancer and diabetes mellitus.

Asta xanthine, the active substance contained in red algae, has anti-oxidant content of more than 6,000 times and 1,000 times the vitamin C, vitamin E. Therefore, apart from having the ability naturally ward off free radicals, the red algae also serves as an anti-aging or prevent aging.

"Red Algae can also be used to facilitate blood circulation, repairing damaged cells, and produce insulin in the blood," he said.

To produce a substance contained in Hematococcus pluviallis Astaxanthine, red algae have a long process. Initially, the red algae are not colored red, but green.

Red algae green colored initially inserted into a tube to get enough sunlight. Because getting enough sunlight, plants such berklorofil turns red.

"Proliferation of red algae is still done in Hawaii, although originally from Japan," he said.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, the red algae has not been mass-produced because no one mengembangbiakkannya. "If anything, it must be very expensive because it must be imported from abroad,"


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