Found water on the Moon

WASHINGTON, - Three separate missions both researching the Moon to find convincing evidence that there is water there. Water was available at the Moon's poles and perhaps formed by the solar wind.

Three reports will be published in the journal Science said Friday that water moves actively, sometimes formed and disappeared again as dngan mixing with the dust on the surface of the Moon.

One report is taken from the mission-Chandrayaan-1 India's first mission to the Moon. The data studied Carle Pieters of Brown University in Rhode Island showed the presence of water spectrographic evidence. Water is increasingly found in areas closer to the poles of the Moon.

"When we say 'there is water on the Moon', we tidakmerujuk the lake, ocean or pool. Water on the Moon which we mean the water molecules and hydroxyl (hydrogen and oxygen) that interact with the molecules of rock and dust on the top layer of the Moon's surface, "Pieters said.

While Jessica Sunshine of the University of Maryland using infrared mapping of the Deep Impact spacecraft to prove the existence of water on the Moon. Another researcher, Roger Clark of the U.S. Geological Survey using the spectrometer - which describes the wave of light to analyze the elements and compounds the body - from the Cassini spacecraft found water.

Reports about the existence of water on this moon appears just as interested researchers to water on the Moon rising. U.S. Space Agency has long been looking for water on the Moon to support the base to be established there.

Next month the spacecraft Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS NASA will look for water with a vehicle crashed into the Moon's surface.


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