NORDAUSTLANDET, -Glance glacier like other glaciers in the frozen Arctic. But in a closer observation, a painful face painted on the wall melting ice, which was the crying and the tears flowing river.

Image of 'Mother Earth' that was sadly seen by local residents during the process of melting, with melting ice and snow falling into the sea below.

Figure draw on Austfonna ice Nordaustlandet located at Svalbard Islands, Norway would almost certainly be used for environmental activists to protest climate change. Sea-level rise caused by melting ice is one of the main worries of the impact of global warming. Experts have warned that countries that are in the lowlands will be below the water surface.

Figure Mother Earth is crying was taken by a Navy photographer and lecturer Michael Nolan environment in an annual voyage to observe the glaciers and wild life around him.

Jon Ove Hagen, a glacier expert who is also a member of the World Glacier Monitoring Bureau (World Glacier Monitoring Service / WGMS) and Geosains professor at the University of Oslo, Norway, has confirmed that the layer of ice that gives the image of Mother Earth is 'crying' is continually shrinking as much as 160 feet every year for decades. Hagen has studied Austfonna ice since 1988.

Austfonna is the largest ice shelf area in Norway, precisely on the island of Svalbard Nordaustlandet. According to Hagen (59), has a broad Austfonna about 3000 square miles and is by far the largest ice sheet on Svalbard, and one of the largest in the Arctic.

He explains, glacier shrinkage on the surface in 12 years Austfonna averaged 160 feet per year. Geometry of the ice region, he said, is changing. The front continued to retreat, the bottom becomes thinner, with a depletion rate of three feet per year, while the interior thickened about 1.6 feet per year. Layer, said Hagen, decreased about 1.6 cubic miles of ice every year.

Austfonna is the area's second largest ice sheet in Europe after Iceland and Vatnajvkull in tersebesar classified seventh in the world.


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