Receive Attendance Eclipses

Total solar eclipse events (GMT), Wednesday (22 / 7), met in a number of lively cities in Asian countries. In fact, there are welcome this rare opportunity to bring a unique seasuatu.

For instance some hotels in the vicinity Bund, Shanghai, China. In addition to the observations together, the hotel provides special breakfast eclipse.

Although the weather had disrupted the less support so that eclipse can be observed with the whole, citizens of China was very keen to observe ongoing phenomenon of a total solar eclipse is said to be the longest eclipse of the 21st century. Eclipse of the sun began to appear in China from 08.15 o'clock in the morning local time and lasted 6 minutes 39 submarines seconds.

Local station, China Central Television, run from the minutes duration of a solar eclipse is said to be "The Grat Yangtze River Solar Eclipse".

Based on the image shown CCTV television stations, millions of people gathered in the southwestern region of China to get a clear appearance of a solar eclipse is in progress.

Shangahai residents decide to deal with weather that is less supportive to stay to enjoy the eclipse of the sun that causes the dark atmosphere in China at 09.36 o'clock local time.

"Eclipse has lasted for an hour, but with performances like this, you will not want to miss follow. This is an incredible experience," said Allen Chen, the Shanghai office worker who decided to take to the streets to observe the eclipse.


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