NEW YORK, - UN summit ended a day of climate change and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged world leaders to act swiftly to ensure success in the upcoming UN conference on climate in Copenhagen, December.

"I was heartened to hear that more and more leaders are ready to act outside the national perspective to join the global leadership," said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told world leaders at the close of the hearing.

"You have been taking action to stay involved until an agreement was signed in Copenhagen. And you have agreed to give guidance to the negotiators to work towards an ambitious agreement, effective, and fair in Copenhagen," Ban said.

Nearly 100 heads of state and government participating in the high-level meetings, the largest gathering of world leaders to discuss climate change.

By discussing these issues, the Secretary General hopes to move the political will and momentum necessary to achieve an ambitious agreement in Copenhagen conference.

Climate change is a matter of economics and geopolitics of the 21st century. But Ban, who visited the Arctic region earlier this month and witnessed the impact of climate change quickly, deliver regrets about the negotiations and urged leaders to look far to meet the needs of their people.

UN Secretary General argue that tackling global warming was done with a very high ransom. "They're wrong. The truth is the opposite. We will not be able to pay if we do not act now," Ban said.

Success in Copenhagen, Danish, would require all countries to work in tandem to limit the global temperature rise, and encourage the world's ability to handle changes that occur through climate change.


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