El Nino

The phenomenon of El Nino or menghangatnya Sea Surface Temperature in the Pacific Ocean from late May menggejala and tends to strengthen this month. However, seeing patterns and the location of "hot tub"-area of sea surface warming trend is a new version of the so-called El Nino El Nino Modoki.

This was revealed from the weather experts Inventory Technology Agency of Natural Resources Assessment and Application of Technology (TISDA-BPPT), Fadli Shamsuddin, Friday (21 / 8), via SMS. "There is a tendency towards anomalous El Nino Modoki. To ensure that, should see the last condition, "he said.

El Nino is usually marked the Sea Surface Temperature anomalies in the equatorial region in the Pacific Ocean is called the hot pool. This resulted in high moisture supply in the area of Peru, which causes a lot of rain in the area, contrary drought in parts of Asia, especially Indonesia.

In contrast to El Nino, the emergence of Modoki, Japanese language, which means "similar but different", shown by the existence of "hot tub" which concentrated only in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The eastern and western Pacific cool.

This condition causes the low supply of water vapor or the formation of rain clouds in Peru and in eastern Indonesia. So far the research undertaken by researchers of Marine Research Agency of Japan (JAMSTEC), parts of Indonesia has not much studied. This phenomenon was also recently published in 2004 by JAMSTEC researcher, said Fadli, who won his doctorate in Japan.

El Nino Modoki Research also conducted research of the Georgia Institute of Technology. "Typically, El Nino events cause the decrease of the storm in the Atlantic. However, this new type increased the storm, "said Peter Webster, professor at Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

According to Webster's research that appeared in the journal Science last July edition, El Nino Modoki more predictable compared to El Nino. El Nino turned into a natural oscillation Modoki by El Nino or El Nino is a response to atmospheric menghangatnya or because changing the structure of La Nina El Nino


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