Lembang Fault

Lembang Fault in the north of Bandung recently become the center of attention and study of science, both by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), and the Meteorological Agency, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) Bandung. Fault is believed to be active this will save a huge earthquake threat.

Eko Yulianto, researchers from Paleoseismologi Geoteknologi LIPI Research Center, found in his office, Tuesday (6 / 10), said that whether or not active Lembang Fault current no longer debated.

"Based on research results LIPI, this fault was a record period of movement (earthquake) with a range of 400-700 years. In the sediment samples of the former swamp land around the location, it is known that at least seven layers of soil. That is, at least once happened seven movement time, "he said.

With a length of Lembang Fault spans 22 kilometers, Eko said that the potential could reach 6.7 earthquake Ritcher scale. "That is the worst scenario, if there is movement in unison," he said.

Earthquake surface with this much power, he said, would be unusual for the surrounding area. He even predicted, the impact of the quake was later able to match the earthquake happened in Yogyakarta, May 2006, which killed thousands of people.

The problem is, the soil conditions in Bandung is not much different in the Yogyakarta, which is the land of young sediments of ancient lakes used. "This soil layer has not really consolidated so that the effect is like porridge in the bowl when shaken. Uncangannya stopped, but the shock is still going on," said alumnus of Geology Institute of Technology Bandung.

World class

For that, just by a small force such as occurs in DIY, shallow earthquakes that occur can cause tremendous damage effects. In fact, quoting a statement from Brian Atwater, paleotsunami renowned researchers from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) is a co-worker in a series of research, Lembang Fault hazards including world-class category.

"Because of this fracture was located near the city area is very dense. It is rare in the world," he said. According to him, the threat potential of Lembang Fault earthquake is conveyed is not to make people nervous in Bandung.

"Instead, we want to remind residents to be prepared and alert. However, information is a form of early warning the earliest," he said.

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