La Nina and el nino
La Nina phenomenon of the Pacific Ocean waters that bring the rain began to weaken. We have observed that the opportunity about 50 percent and potentially continue to decline in the near future so that the dry season is estimated to occur.

"This year still has not observed the energy balance in the year after El Nino occurred in 2006 which resulted in the long dry season,".

the period 2006 to 2009 allows started happening when the energy balance of the El Nino to La Nina changes.

However, the condition of the current La Nina will continue to weaken. However, it still remains to be determined through monitoring the waters of the Pacific Ocean until mid 2009.

El Nino was a kid

Head of Public Meteorological Information subfields of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) Ribudianto Kukuh said, although the potential for 50 percent of La Nina will continue to decline, El Nino's own estimates are still too small.

"We have estimated the El Nino is still approximately 30 percent,"

Condition of waters and islands in the western Pacific Ocean is still relatively warm. However, the same thing started happening also in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

In the middle of Pacific Ocean waters, which would tend to cool move to the west. When the waters of the Pacific Ocean to the west of the cold, La Nina is weakening and the dry season occurs.

"Problems in the 2009 dry season will be prolonged worry. This would still require constant monitoring in the Pacific,".


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