Article of greenhouse gases

Consensus on greenhouse gas reduction to be debates, the theme becomes most hotly discussed topics in a variety meeting.Many non-governmental organizations in environmental and social fields, which makes the interests of consensus include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as one of the criteria for certification. However, on the other side of palm oil producers rate, still takes a lot of time entering a consensus to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in one particular consensus criteria of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases in the discussion. D debate but has not yet been able to make decisions, whether the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions become one of the criteria for certification or not the businessman.With can not produce a consensus decision-related reductions of greenhouse gas emissions as one of the criteria for certification. "I understand, when the world around us also seemed paralyzed and Unable to take the courageous (related reduction in greenhouse gas emissions), we also lose the opportunity to be bold and visionary.

Social and Environmental Risks for greenhouse gas emissions could be because of the oil palm plantations in between, it was aroused from the production process and the opening of new land. The production process in the form of nitrogen fertilizer use until the provision of chemicals on plants that resulted in the release of greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, greenhouse gas emissions from new land clearing Arise as a result, changes to the forest as a carbon catcher into palm oil plantations or palm garden lainnya.Because only able to capture carbon largest 40 tons for 25 years distant when compared with the forest. "Compare this with the forest is not damaged, which can capture approximately 275 tonnes of carbon up to 300 tons,".

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as part of a strategy to reduce global warming, the opening of new plantations in the forest as a catcher change carbon, for example, some countries Indonesia is still very possible. On the other hand, in other countries there is no longer possible to open land in the forest or forest change.
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that consensus should be defined as one of the certification criteria for palm entrepreneurs. desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm plantations, is not only the responsibility of the oil business, but it was only a small part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. "This will be the responsibility of all parties".

if this (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions) are due to only oil entrepreneurs wrong, because, actually produces the largest contributor to greenhouse gases is the developed countries, with the factories, tall buildings that use glass, because most of the entrepreneurs oil found in developing countries and still have enough land or forest as absorbent carbon monoxide. therefore, greenhouse gases must be a shared responsibility and he should no agreement among a countries.


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