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There is a warning from scientists that the earth's surface temperature may not rise higher than 2 degrees Celsius. If it happens then more than 300 million people have moved from where it is because thousands of islands will be submerged, the more severe drought, and disease will be more widespread. Climate predicted that the more difficult will lead to a lot of people lost their livelihoods as fishermen and farmers on the front line.

Efforts to prevent the increase of temperature causes changes in the earth's climate is obtained official commitment from many countries with the birth of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. The group, developed countries that joined the group in Annex I have a commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases - the cause earth global temperature increase - an average of 5 percent of the base that is set in 1990. Conditions that must be achieved in 2012. However, attempts to run very slowly.

G-8 meeting that ends mid-month this does not bring new changes when developed countries are required to assist countries poor and appeared to hold funds grow.

"Developed countries do not want to pay. We disappointed with this development, "said Minister of State Environment, Rachmat Witoelar when that. "Possibility, they stand up to the Copenhagen meeting in 2009 the end of this year," he added. He did not cover his face feeling disappointed behavior rich countries. The UK Government is ready to remove the funds, own only in that position.

With a view that others, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore to the non-government organizations support The Climate Project, is now humming disseminate information about the threat of climate change to many. He refused be pessimistic (The Age, 13 / 7).

"Now the U.S. and Australia has shown leadership, which is needed for this. their inclusion in the effort (the agreement) Copenhagen, will be able to make a very big difference, "he said in Melbourne, Australia is in between organizing meeting for the Asia Pacific Peak climate change. Al Gore attended in Melbourne to extend its scope to train with around 3000 people from different countries about the way climate change campaigning, 11-13 July in Melbourne, Australia.

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