In accordance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is mentioned at least four targets at the achievements to the Party-15 (COP-15) in Copenhagen, Denmark. There must be progress in the four field trips in order to form the new agreement as the Kyoto Protocol - which will be completed on the introduction of 2012 - lasted mulus.

Currently there are three countries that are seen as a country with a growing economy and should not enter the developing countries, namely China, India, and Brazil. The three countries that also bear the required burden of responsibility is the same as the developed countries in the affairs of carbon emission reduction (greenhouse gases).

When the world is being berkutat to set the size of the steps that the steep road, and what our role? Disseminating information on climate change and its relevance to daily life is expected to be one of the things you can do and can produce change. This change in attitude culminate in the countries that negotiate in Copenhagen, Denmark in December next.

In this context it is Al Gore doing training. Indonesia sending 54 people to attend the summit meeting. Dissemination of information about climate change has been touched for about 5 million people in the world. In Indonesia the number of the more than 9000 people from various circles, among others, scientists, fishermen, students, company executives from various bankers to companies, as well as the artists.

Now the number of volunteer presenter with 55 people, is expected to be more knowledgeable more layers of the Indonesian community information. They are expected to hear a change agent. Destination attitude change is the size of the countries in Copenhagen when there is pressure coming from the community. "We must seize the opportunity to solve the problem of climate change. I believe that if there is widespread awareness, we can encourage the government to solve this problem, "said Al Gore.

Razak Manan, one of the trainees are active in Indonesia Pelayaran Company asserts keteguhannya distribution of climate change issues. "This is very important especially known among the shipping companies. I hope there are changes that can be made by those who can make the situation better. "

While some of the trainees as Widodo Ramono of Indonesian Rhino Conservation Foundation have made a presentation on the work environment and a number of government officials. Similarly Dicky Edwin Hindarto of the Board of the National Climate Change in the presentation to the academician in the 10 November Institute of Technology, Surabaya, as he wrote in the electronic mail.

Chairman of the Board of TCP Indonesia - which stood mid-July, which is also India's first TCP presenter, Amanda Katili, said all sections of the community, from the usual non-community professionals, the professionals, businessmen, students, college students, scientists, and bureaucrats, and various community a target range of other TCP-Indonesia. They can contact the members of Indonesia such as TCP-listed on this page.


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