COUNTRIES we are a tropical country, where the sun shines all the time is longer than a country with sub-tropical. Only the gray clouds and the sun may at certain. This solar energy can be used as power. How does it? What you need to be able to utilize the sun's energy into electricity? How much energy "electricity" that in output?

The sun is the source of all energy sources in the universe. Oil that we "in" from the bottom surface of the earth is also the "energy" of the sun on the days of old "absorbed" by the organic material that is now hidden in the belly of the earth.

Solar Cell + + Description for utilize the sun's energy directly, you need a "solar cell" is also called cells or PV (photovoltaic) form of chip-chip Silicon (which can
acquired in of "filth" semiconductor industry). Solar Cell is exposed to the sun if there will be a "reaction" in the chip and the "electricity".

As an illustration, cell measuring one meter square can generate electric power of 130 Watt at the time of "hot", or "only" 655 watt-hours per day, (if you installed home PLN electricity network, at least, has a 1300 watt power). You need to know that the electricity in our homes is for 24 hours, while the sun shines only on average 6.5 hours a day (including if there are cloudy and rainy). But still needed additional tool "electricity storage" form of battery or Accu.

The sun can really take advantage of our free, but the technology that makes it energy "electricity" surely expensive. And do not forget that the factory produces solar cell, or battery, is a factory that requires "electricity" that big, and also easte certainly contaminate the environment.

Energy can not be created and can not be removed, which can be done by humans is the "change" energy, and move from one place to another, and aha .. it requires a large cost.

Efforts to make our best in preserving the earth's environment and economize is not "a waste" in the use of ENERGY. Maybe you need to do "research" about how big a result of these "environmentally friendly", including costs.

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