save the earth

protect our forests

Earth and atmosfernya (troposfer and stratosfer) is a stone that brings setitik man beset Jagad highway. Atmosfernya Earth and interact with humans and other beings. Earth and the stability of the interaction atmosfernya (troposfer 0-10 km above the earth) are kept by the forest. Forest destruction disrupt stable atmosphere (stratosfer 10-50 km) where the concentration of ozone good. In short: Forests protect the earth

As sentient creatures that inhabit the gods this earth, we must preserve it, along with global warming is happening now, we should maintain and preserve the earth do not even in the face of the earth. we can do some things in maintaining or preserving the earth for example with the things of which the easy, remove the waste in place, reforestation, not to forest exploitation, and so forth.

Forest exploitation in the economy for the reasons ..
Now we feel a consequence, global warming ..
Let's plant trees, save the earth ..

Rehabilitation of forest are now must be in a with the heating global.reboisasi can be done with the awareness of people who live in the land .in the countryforward now this land is a little green, so they work together with the handling of global warming developing countries such as Indonesia. Indonesia is a developing country and has a forest area which is quite extensive and can be said that Indonesia is the world's lungs now .many developed countries establish cooperation with indonesia for handling global warming by avoiding .can not in developed countries that they need developing countries such as indonesia who can still keep a forest . most developed countries that contribute most to the pollution of industrials.but they would not reduce the number of factories with their economic reasons. indonesia
the country residents should be proud with our forest and the forest is damaged do not even have to try to keep us and our sustainables . with replanting {reboisai ).
Let's Keep AND FOREST order the world.

alternative energy to reduce global warming

the use of alternative energy to reduce global warming is important, with whom, bio-gas, waste permentasi, using sea water as a power plant, and as indonesia .in indonesia have found in many energy alternatip by citizens or by
government. between its now permentasi use waste to produce gas, using cow dung to produce gas and other discovery-invention as a substitute for oil or gas produced from the mine.
Many BLUE ENERGY terms, there is an effort to utilize energy from the difference between sea water with salt water (osmotik). However, the term blue energy to the effort to use more environment-friendly energy, not from fossil resources (oil). As with the use of wind, sun, and so forth.

Sometimes the term also appears GREEN ENERGY, which also means that does not "pollute" the environment.
The idea of the basic ideas or BLUE ENERGY Oil Indonesia Bersatu, is "separate" water into hydrogen and Oxygen components, and then "merge" with the Carbon hydrogen, resulting sepertihalnya fuel hydrocarbons from petroleum. The result is a synthetic oil (made).

You do not need to worry, this process can theoretically occur, separating water into pembentuknya components H and O, can be done with various methods, eg with elektrolis, or also the use of catalysts (substances that can "accelerate" the process of reaction).

But you need to understand, that the process still requires terebut "energy", and it also means that the cost of expensive.

In other words, do not have that confused with the version of BLUE ENERGY Indonesia, but whether this process can produce fuel that is much cheaper and valuable? This is what we're waiting-waiting.

not "one more" yes, BLUE ENERGY not "fuel" from the water (sea water) is certainly very cheap price. There is still a process that mendahuluinya finally make the "sea water" has changed and the actual energy .**

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