Let's save the sea life

Let's save the sea life

Nature conservation agency under the United Nations to remind the importance of Climate Change Conference in 2009 produced an ambitious agreement. Pickling sea due to an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused the extinction of species of marine biota.
Food security is threatened and seriously affect the world economy. In fact, pickling sea rose 30 percent since the industrial age 250 years ago. "Pickling the sea was described as 'wicked pair' of climate change," said Navy Vice Chair IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas Dan Laffoley at the launch of a report in The Ocean and Climate Change Tools and Guidelines for Action at the Bella Center, Copenhagen, Danish.
Endangered marine biota include coral reefs and shelled animals, which is a key ocean organisms. Coral reefs are a holder of hundreds of thousands of species of life, including ornamental fish and commercial fish, which provide livelihoods for many coastal communities. Shelled animals play an important role in the marine food chain.
High levels of acid-sea coral reefs causing death, which took tens to hundreds of years to recover. If that happens, the sea can be a source of peril. Whereas 70 percent of the area consists of the world ocean. In addition, nearly 90 percent of the world population is tangent to the sea.
Research publications mentioned, if the CO levels in the atmosphere continue to rise, the acidity of seawater will increase 120 percent in 2060, the largest in 21 million this year. In the year 2100, 70 percent of coral exposed to the cold sea water corrosive. "Marine must be one of the main issues in the discussion," Laffoley said.
Besides the fact the world's population directly dependent on the sea, the ocean has absorbed 25 percent of CO emitted per year and supply of oxygen for living things.
In fact, marine issues still major issues to be negotiated. Recognized that there is a lack of data supporting the role of the ocean as carbon sinks. Especially for the sea in the tropics, such as Indonesia. Some of the judge released more emissions because of the influence of ocean currents and the position of the Sun. Head of the IUCN Marine Program says Carl Gustaf Lundin, now is the right time to cut the rate of emissions in large numbers.


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