These crystals are red-orange and allows the creation of electronic devices more environmentally friendly.

Several types of computers can store information by using the character ferroelektrik metal, or metal means it can create positive and negative pole when placed in an electric field. But, usually metal used is a rare species or toxic.

Now, Sachio Horiouchi from the National Institute of Science and Technology of Advanced Industrial Ibaraki, Japan, and his colleagues have discovered the nature of the material ferroelektrik crystal croconic acid, which contains only carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Croconic acid was found 170 years ago, but only in the last decade could be crystallized. When the team Horiuchi provide an electric field in the crystal at room temperature, they can turn the electricity poles.

But the researchers also saw that there was delay between the time the field is removed until the polarity of the crystal is turned. Horiuchi said, is regular for ferroelektrik. Also, this is a clear sign that there is the ability to save and change the electric polarization. These findings suggest that croconic acid can lead to the creation of electronic equipment organic.

Marty Gregg of Queen's University, Belfast, UK, stated, in fact already found other organic polymers that also have ferroelektrik properties, for example polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). "But the organic system than PVDF ferroelektrik pretty cool, because it opens more possibilities for all kinds of organic equipment."

However, he also warned that the results of Horiuchi team also showed that the acid may be too lelet croconic polarity changes to be used as RAM (random access memory for computers) that are ferroelektrik. "But I think these findings will remain warm welcome."


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