Causes of landslides

Extreme rainfall and cliff cracks suspected to cause landslides. Researchers from soil erosion Environmental Geography UGM,, rainfall in the region reached 75 millimeters per hari.Padahal, under normal conditions of rainfall ranges from 10 to 20 millimeters per day.

at the top of the cliff that there are cracks that have been closed sedimen.Saat high rainfall, the water continued to enter into the cracks because they do not hold water then the cliff landslide.
t landslide-prone areas, usually can be seen from the ground geological factors.
T land in the volcanic deposits of loose materials like sand and andesite so easy landslide.

"The condition is quite high landslide potential, there is much less vibration, resulting in unstable soil movement, the" bias landslide disasters happen all the time.

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