usefulness potatoes

In addition to delicious, sweet potato could help you in household activities everyday. With the help of potatoes, you can clean the rust to avoid the danger of broken glass.
Do not believe? Do not underestimate the potatoes! You can try some of the following utility.
Remove rust
Rust forms when iron absorbs moisture. Rust can also occur when the iron hit the water. Before the rust is really damaging furniture is made of iron, you should immediately clean the rust.
Use the potato pieces to clean up the rust that is on the baking pan, knives, and other equipment. Potatoes contain a oxalid acid which removes rust.
The trick, cut potatoes in half. Dip the potato pieces in a dish soap or baking soda. After that, rub the potatoes in the area of ​​rusty iron.
If the potatoes are growing slick, cut and add soap or baking soda again. After that, rinse and dry the furniture.
Clean the glass
Potatoes were also able to be used to clean the glass. Almost the same as removing the rust, you just need to cut the potatoes and rub. Do not forget to wipe again with a clean cloth. In addition to cleaning the glass, potatoes are also effective to prevent your glass from fog.
Taking a piece of glass
When the glass shattered, broken glass sometimes very small and hard to put away. Take the potatoes and use as a "medium" to get rid of the piece of glass.
Flower arranging
To keep wreaths still have perfect form, most people use the flower foam. However, if there is no foam flower, you can also use potatoes to plant flowers.
Cleaning supplies silver
Potatoes can also clean up existing stains on cutlery and other equipment made of silver. In addition to rub raw potato to your equipment, potato cooking water also you can use.
The trick, silverware soak into the potatoes boiled water for 20 minutes. In this simple way, the stain will be gone.
Good luck and prove!


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