GUWAHATI: Experts from diverse fields with gather here on Sunday to explore how global warming is going to affect the livelihoods of the marginalized section of the society, especially the women as the northeast is becoming vulnerable to the impact of climate change.

The Guwahati-based Centre for Environment, Social and Policy Research (CESPR) will organize a day-long consultation on climate change and its impact on marginalized women here on Sunday, in which experts, social activists, government officials and academicians will take part.

CESPR said the people who were affected by the vagaries of climate in recent years will also be present during the consultation.

While the manifestation of climate change is being felt in the overall changes in rainfall pattern, CESPR said the consultation will make an effort to find out how marginalized women in the society are affected by the phenomenon.

The state experienced one of the worst floods this year since 2004, which left about 150 people dead and affected nearly 40 lakh people in 27 districts. In past years, the state also experienced drought-like situation, severely affecting agriculture. Experts said that high floods and drought-like situations are manifestation of changing climatic conditions in the state.

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