"Green Finance"

The concept of green finance or disbursement of capital by using environmentally friendly principles could be the solution of the financial sector to cope with the impacts of global climate change.
"There are two serious threats, namely the problem of energy use and environment that can be overcome with a green finance," said Head of Environment Finance Special Advisor to the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Takashi Hongo, held discussions Fisheries Society Archipelago (MPN) in Jakarta, Thursday (01/28/2011).
However, according to Hongo, to apply the concept of green finance actually required determination of financial entities, both private and government, to spend large amounts of investment. In addition, the application of green finance requires technological advances that can reduce the impacts of climate change.
He pointed out, a number of fishermen in Japan several years ago decided to use LED technology (light emitting diode) due to high prices of fuel used for fishing.
Hongo explained, at the beginning it needed a huge cost to purchase and equip fishing vessels with a LED, but once used they can save operational costs. "They (the fishermen) to borrow money from banks," he said.
For that, according to him, financing and encouragement to use environmentally friendly technology is the key required in the application of green finance.
Meanwhile, other speakers, Advisor to the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Division of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Suseno Sukoyono say, actually there are many business opportunities or financial that may be developed due to climate change, including the one green finance.
Moreover, he said, Indonesia is actually not the biggest contributor to emissions, but climate change has caused some problems such as rising temperatures and rising sea levels that looked like a phenomenon that rob lately often occur in the area of Muara Baru, North Jakarta.
"Indonesia produces 1.7 per capita emissions, while the United States and Australia 20.6 16.2," he said.
He also warned the energy crisis such as rising oil prices has now reached about 100 U.S. dollars should also make an aspect to encourage the application of green finance.
MPN chairman Muhammad Taufiq expect woke network both within and outside the country or international organization in creating a sustainable source of development opportunities through green finance.
"Green financing scheme based finance with a conducive investment environment by incorporating aspects of climate change become one of the important solutions in building sustainable Indonesia," he said.
Based on the MPN data, there is the potential of Indonesia's total marine economy reached 800 billion dollars per year that have not been fully utilized partly because of cost constraints.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    The climate change solutions have produced some phenomenal changes which can be a great indication of a positive future and for this it's important that one takes necessary steps to increase the activity and ensure a sustainable environment for the coming generations.

    The carbon footprint of these industries is the measure of their earnest intentions which are not just driven by some profit making plans and procedures.

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