Fenomena "crop circle"

INDONESUA - Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (Natural Sciences) University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) Chairil Anwar judge, tread a circle or a crop circle in Bantul and Sleman DI Yogyakarta is the result of intellectual work. This work requires thinking that combines science and art. This is similar to the work of artists created installations that many today, he said in Yogyakarta on Wednesday (01/26/2011).
Therefore, Chairil said, if a circular footprint is actually made by the students of Science Faculty of UGM, the students concerned will be given an appreciation for being able to apply the science of pure mathematics with the arts. The phenomenon is much associated with Unidentified flying object (UFO) that also led to the idea to combine the sciences of Mathematics with the arts.
Chairil said, the Science Faculty of UGM has made tracking whether or not the news that one of the Science Faculty of UGM students involved in the manufacture of such a circular footprint. This is related tersiarnya news site creator is a student of Science Faculty of UGM circular force sebuh 2008, as contained in the blog site. "We have examined 28 students related to this, but have not found the truth of the news," said Chairil.
According Chairil, making the site can not be assessed in the rice fields act is wrong because it is not intended to hurt anyone. The loss is only found in the use of wetland that a source of income owners.
If proven one of the Science Faculty of UGM students who did, said Chairil, the faculty will consider replacing the losses resulting.

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