Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse seen in the Jakarta

JAKARTA, - Though clouds hanging since morning, the event remains a solar eclipse can be observed in the area of Jakarta. However, it was not fully observed because of occasional clouds blocking the sun.

From region Palmerah, West Jakarta, managed to eclipse events were observed at 15.30-16.00. When the sun suddenly shone brightly, a man who was waiting immediately went to see the longest solar eclipse event in the 21st century this.

By using a lens filter artificial sunlight Thousand Oaks Optical, Canada, several employees line to observe the event from the 5th floor of Building Kompas Gramedia.

Viewed with filter glasses, sun disc appeared slightly interrupted in the lower right. Fields that should be fully visible round was interrupted by a line. In accordance with previous predictions, from Jakarta and surrounding areas, which appear dark part is only about 11 percent since the ring solar eclipse path is through the South Asia region, such as Sri Lanka and India, and not through the territory of Indonesia.

Solar eclipse event this time was the longest eclipse of this millennium with the ring phase lasted for 11 minutes. Based on the record, during the solar eclipse event second only in 1992, by the time 11 minutes 41 seconds.


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