BANDUNG, - Enthusiasm solar eclipse witnessed not only citizens of Indonesia have shown, but also a number of foreign tourists who happened to be visiting Bosscha Observatory, Friday (15/1/2010) evening.

One of them is Justin Baznson (23), a tourist from Canada. I was so enthusiastic, Justin who came with 9 friends from Canada have the most unique way of watching some of this solar eclipse. T-shirt t-shirt he wore when it pulled over her head.

Fair, cover the glare (the sun). "Try it if you do not believe it," said the man who followed the Canada World Youth program in Indonesia will invite Compass follow his actions.

Well, that's when it was too enthusiastic. However, this can be understood. Because, according to Justin's confession, this is his first experience watching a solar eclipse. Understandably, he used to live in Northern Canada that let alone an eclipse, which passed the sun seldom shines.

No less unique, a visitor observed an eclipse with a protective shield used for welding. However, what Justin and the man who uses this welding shield is not really recommended. Because, besides not feasible, the observation was not optimal.

Some visitors choose to buy special glasses equipped with filters that have been provided in Bosscha. Some are already armed with paper Millar, the silver paper which he said could weaken to a tenth of the sun thousands of times. Some choose queue in front of the house and Unitron telescope dome in front of Carl Zeiss AG to more clearly see the solar eclipse using special glasses.

From observations in Bosscha, eclipse visible only in part. The sun is usually visible round bump on the right. This occurs because the entry of the shadow of the moon in the eastern part of the sun.

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