Global warming caused Disaster

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - Global warming is causing major health disaster. Countries in tropical regions affected the most vulnerable.

Concern was voiced by the health impact of a dozen professional organization incorporated in the health sector in the world. They expressed concern, among others through publication in the journal The Lancet and British Medical Journal, recently.

Concerns were expressed related to Conference of Parties-15 (COP-15) UN Conference on Climate Change (UNCCC) in Copenhagen, Danish, December.

In that publication, the doctors and other health professions view, failure to reach agreement on climate change negotiations in Copenhagen will bring a global health disaster. Tropical countries, mostly developing countries, with a health condition that is of concern, will receive the greatest effect.


According to public health experts from the Environment Ministry of Health Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia, I Made Jaya, last week, global warming is the result of a series of hooks to each other phenomena, such as population growth, increasing demand for natural resources, industrialization, fuel consumption, emissions, increased temperatures, melting ice, the increase of water vapor, and the monsoon winds change direction.

He gave an example, with global warming, the greater the amplitude of the temperature. In the afternoon, the temperature can be much hotter and colder at night, depending on the region. Condition alone causes immune system so that people prone to decrease disease easily.

Even more worrying, the outbreak of diseases due to seasonal changes. "In the past, chickenpox is usually in September and October. Sign in rainy season, the growth of fungi and viruses more easily. But now, throughout the year there was the case, "he said.

Scarcity of water resources due to irregularities and the failure of winter water management will affect the food shortages and malnutrition diseases. Disease agents are also easily mutate. This is, for example, looks with the emergence of bird flu cases and influenza A (H1N1). Corona virus, for example, mutate causing SARS.

Many of the region is warming so that parasitic disease vectors, like mosquitoes, spread to new areas unprepared for the arrival of the disease carriers. (BBC / AFP / National Geographies / INE)


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