BANDUNG, INDONESIA - Noted as many as 24 small islands in Indonesia have disappeared, either due to natural events, as well as human activity. But that's not how. Even more worrying, in 2000 another island was also threatened the country sank due to the impact of global warming. This was disclosed by Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Freddy Numberi when delivering a public lecture at the University Widyatama (Main), Bandung, Friday (2 / 10). This public lecture event was also attended by the Regent Sorong Stepanus Malak and Main academic community.

Freddy said, the 24 islands lost in the tsunami in Aceh in 2004, abrasion, and sand mining activities are not controlled. These islands of Pulau Sinjai Gosong in Aceh by the tsunami, Mioswekel in Papua due to abrasion, and Lereh in the Riau Islands due to sand mining. Global warming, he said, the most concrete threat and danger to other islands in the country.

According to the analysis with the Department of Marine Fisheries and the UN, in the year 2030, about 2,000 small islands in Indonesia will be gone. "I have a list of his, but I can not express here," he said. It is said Freddy, rising sea levels could reach more than 2 meters if there is no serious treatment in stopping the rate of global warming.

Not only in small islands, in simulations of climate change impacts, some coastal areas north of Jakarta will sink. "Soekarno-Hatta International Airport would be lost if there is no serious effort to reduce the rate of global warming. I believe the same, all brothers if alive at the time that one day I will remember this talk," he said.

The threat of sinking the island by sea level rise, he said, was not groundless. "Now, had truly happened," he said giving example of Kiribati and Tuvalu Islands. "The President of Kiribati has asked citizens of the world to accommodate its citizens as 'country' they have lost," he said. Citizens of countries located in the Pacific Ocean has been accommodated in Australia and New Zealand.

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