Copenhagen, - Efforts to protect tropical forests in the world by paying the countries that have forests to sustain its existence suspended. World leaders failed to approve the agreement binding in konerensi climate change in Copenhagen, Danish which ended yesterday.

In fact, burning trees for the provision of land or livestock and plantation forest logging for timber has resulted in 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions world. This figure is equivalent to the carbon dioxide produced by all cars, trucks, trains, aircraft, and ships around the world.

Approximately 13 million hectares of forest land harvested each year. This figure is equivalent to the size of the UK or the state of New York, USA. Based on data reported by Eliasch Review, emissions resulting from deforestation is equivalent to the emissions produced by China and the U.S.. Deforestation due to logging, farming, and agriculture has put Indonesia and Brazil as the largest emitter of the third and fourth in the world, after China and the U.S..

"The absence of a binding agreement causes of forest destruction continues, the rights of people whose lives depend on the forest will be protected and not reduced populations of endangered animals," said Stephen Leonard of the Australian Orangutan Project.

Executive Director of the Coalition of Rainforest Nations, Kevin Conrad, saying, REDD, or reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation will only be decided next year. "This is very sad. This means I have to spend one more year ... to come to meetings and talk about the things the same," he said.

However, some parties say, even without the legal framework, REDD memeroleh advantage of the meeting in Copenhagen. At least, world leaders agreed in Copenhagen to raise $ 30 billion U.S. dollars over the next three years, and 100 billion dollars until the year 2020, to help poor countries. Surely some of this money will be used for forestry programs.

"Failure to produce a comprehensive agreement on the forests is very disappointing," said Michael Levi, a senior in the field of energy and environment at the Council on Foreign Relations.

"But if the state could disburse the funds advanced 100 billion dollars each year as directed in the Copenhagen Accord, there is no doubt that this will help efforts to protect forests," he added.

REDD will be financed by rich countries or through the mechanism of carbon trading - a system in which each country will have a platform emissions. This system allows countries that produce emissions below the platform to sell emissions credits to countries that produce emissions exceeding platforms.

Two years ago, Norway announced its commitment to spend U.S. $ 500 million to reduce deforestation on climate change meeting in Bali. "And now, the U.S. has shown his willingness to play a role in the same group," said President of the Union of Concerned Scientists Kevin Knobloch.


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